FINERA @ NEW YORK Market Week – September 2013


Showing at the New York Market in September.

PORTUGAL: The Textiles Choice for Fashion and Price.

For the first four months of 2013, imports to the U.S. from Portugal of home textiles products were up nearly 25 percent.

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For the first time ever, a Portuguese National Pavilion, representing six of the best textiles suppliers from Portugal (and among whom was invited Finera®), were showing together during New York Home Textiles Market Week.

The Pavilion was at the 7West Building, in Suite 600, just in front of Empire State Building, and where you could find Finera® showroom, running as part of the Global Home Show, this September from 23 to 26.

We must state that our expectations were even exceeded, not only because of the new customers achieved but also due to the positive feedback that we had, regarding our home textile products collection exhibited.

Therefore, we are very grateful to all our customers and visitors for that. Thank you!

«Portugal has emerged over the past few years as the best resource choice for American home textiles retailers and importers looking for a fashion-forward, reliable and cost effective alternative to suppliers from elsewhere in the world. 

The country’s long heritage of textiles craftsmanship and quality is combined with a cost structure that makes it an excellent choice for companies looking for the best of both worlds.

And the numbers prove it, too. For the first four months of 2013, imports to the U.S. from Portugal of home textiles products were up nearly 25 percent. And America represents the largest market for Portuguese textiles products outside of the European Common Market countries.

Portugal has long been a key resource for home textiles products – particularly bedding and bath products – with a long history of supplying goods both to American retailers directly and to importers and distributors. With the decline of textiles industries in other European countries, Portugal has emerged as the best resource for quality products.

Portuguese suppliers are well known for producing both branded goods and products sold under private labels.

The Portuguese Show will allow American buyers to see and meet with six companies at the same time and location, a first for the New York Market.»

In “Home Textiles Today”

 2013-09-16 11:40

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